We have installed LED lighting in charter schools, restaurants, offices, medical facilities, warehouses, industrial facilities, machine shops, and exterior parking/common areas. 

Check out these custom LED lighting designs and get inspired. 


We are a lighting distributor, so we can get any LED lighting or lamps direct from manufacturers. We offer consulting services, lighting design/re-design, and installation of LED lighting.

We are passionate and committed to providing quality lighting for an affordable price. LED Lighting and Consulting can design, purchase, and install all your lighting needs, big or small.


“I recently had LED Lighting and Consulting perform an energy audit at my manufacturing facility. Josh found that he could save me around 20k dollars a year so we had LED come in and change out all of our existing fluorescent fixtures with new energy efficient LED fixtures and the benefits have been twofold. We are now saving money with the saved energy that comes from the LED conversion and we are also saving money on cooling costs because the LED fixtures put off a lot less heat. Not to mention that the light quality is night and day better, which in my business makes a huge difference! The job was conducted in a timely manner and the professionalism of the whole LED Lighting and Consulting team was fantastic! I would highly recommend Josh and his team for any LED needs that you have!”

Lee D.


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